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The Interdisciplinary Team

The Interdisciplinary Team: Establishing Value for the Ortho-Restorative Patient

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Service Description

Patients only see what they know and only know what they see. As dentists, we are generally equipped to visualize future restorative treatment and pre-restorative orthodontic tooth movement. However, we often incorrectly assume that our patients also possess this ability of believing without seeing. The truth is that most do not. Therefore, it’s incumbent on us to educate our patients and provide them with the tools necessary to recognize the value of their interdisciplinary treatment plan. They deserve to fully understand the treatment we propose and why. Since most interdisciplinary cases begin with orthodontic treatment, it’s important for an orthodontist to have an adequate understanding of restorative dentistry and be a proficient communicator because many interdisciplinary patients cannot be restored without first undergoing orthodontic treatment. Therefore, if the orthodontist is unable to help them visualize the possibilities, it is unlikely that they will understand the value of orthodontic treatment in achieving their ultimate goal of esthetic and functional success. This presentation will highlight the value of the interdisciplinary team in developing treatment options that optimize esthetics, while satisfying specific periodontal and restorative requirements for these patients Learning Objectives: -Recognize the value of interdisciplinary collaboration when planning and performing treatment on patients with significant ortho/restorative problems -Teach the patient how to understand the value of orthodontic treatment in order to facilitate a patient’s ultimate goal – esthetic restorative treatment

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976 S Karl Johan Ave, Tacoma, WA, USA

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