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Setting Realistic Tx Objectives

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Setting realistic goals, striving to achieve success, and learning from failure….. these are three things that most of us are naturally programmed to do. In fact, failure is one of the most powerful ways to learn and grow as a person. As dentists, we work to achieve balance between esthetics, function, and biology. Orthodontics is critical to achieving this balance, by establishing the foundation that will support a predictable and successful outcome. This is true from the pediatric patient with a developing malocclusion to the interdisciplinary, adult patient with multiple missing teeth and perio/restorative needs. This presentation will emphasize communication, while highlighting the importance of setting proper, patient-specific treatment goals.

- Learning Objectives:

  • Understand when it’s appropriate to maintain an existing “malocclusion”

  • Determine when traditional treatment objectives may be unrealistic

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