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Managing Patients with Congenitally Missing Teeth – Diagnosis to Retention

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Interesting questions often arise when planning treatment for patients with congenitally missing teeth, such as: Should space be opened or closed?, How much space should be created?, Which restoration is best for the patient?, When should an implant be placed?, and Is it necessary to monitor these patients in the mixed dentition? In many situations, early orthodontic intervention is beneficial to avoid potential periodontal and restorative problems that may arise in these patients as adults. Therefore, the orthodontist and pediatric dentist typically play key roles in monitoring eruption and growth from an early age. To properly plan for the future, it is important to understand future restorative needs for these patients when they reach their later adolescent and adult years. This presentation will address these issues, while emphasizing the benefit of evaluating and treating patients with an interdisciplinary perspective.

- Learning Objectives:

  • Identify when to open or close a congenitally missing tooth site

  • Understand when implants are the treatment of choice for these patients

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