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Impactions – Canines, Incisors, and More

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Impacted and ectopically positioned teeth are two of the most consistent and challenging dilemmas that an orthodontist will face in practice. Treatment for these patients is often complex and requires coordination of care between multiple clinicians. Whether the ectopically positioned tooth is a canine, central incisor, or premolar, it ultimately affects both the occlusion and esthetics. Orthodontically, the degree of difficulty for these teeth is based on the location of the impacted tooth relative to adjacent teeth and the specific mechanics necessary to actively erupt the tooth into ideal alignment. We are fortunate today, to have 3-D radiographic techniques that enable a surgeon and orthodontist to properly identify the location of an impacted tooth. This presentation will highlight the importance of communication in these patients when determining location and direction of tooth movement to avoid potential treatment disasters.

- Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the surgical exposure options and eruption techniques for impacted and ectopic teeth

  • Recognize the impact proper communication has on the success of surgically exposing and orthodontically erupting impacted teeth

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